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Pride In What We Do

  • What We Do

    The most common question I hear, is can you help me with my back taxes? People that owe back taxes, but don’t know where to turn, have limited options, and can sometimes be misguided. We want to help you. In our first consultation, we will develop a clear picture of your situation, then work with you to find the most appropriate methods for resolving your tax situation. Get tax relief. Every business, and tax situation is different. Don’t limit your options by not having a professional consult you with the latest tax deductions and credits that you can be taking advantage of. We have 3 tax packages to choose from, and al a carte items also. You will be able to get a full package and a guarantee of the maximum refund or your money back. Please contact us and set up a phone consultation. Guarantee means pride in what we do.

  • Tax Relief

    We do extensive research to stay up to date with the IRS, so you don’t have to. Don’t you have enough to worry about running a small business? Charles Hopkins has been doing personal and business taxes for 6 years with no complaints. We know you may not be up to date with tax laws. That’s our job! What is the most beneficial deduction this year? Consult with us to find out which credits you could be eligible for. How to stay ahead of the game with new software, and new tax laws. Is there an easy way to file? How do I pick the best software? We want you to be prepared and plan for each year with confidence. Next, set up a good system for maintaining tax records and receipts, do this the right way. We have many businesses that have followed our instruction and made their tax season increasingly better. The best way to stay up to date with the IRS is to ask a tax professional. We will provide you with all the vital information regarding tax changes. For Federal City and state, obligations.

  • Customer Satisfaction

    We guarantee our products and services. With our Maximum Refund Guarantee, we will find the largest refund you are entitled to, or your tax preparation fee will be refunded. It's that simple.

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