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The best way to appreciate your job is to imagine yourself without one." - Oscar Wilde Personally, we love our job. (Yes, even now, just after tax busy season ... well, perhaps we love it...

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While carrying tax debt won't automatically disqualify you from receiving a loan to start your small business, it is very possible that it WILL affect your loan approval, especially if your ...

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When building a business budget, get yourself in a flexible frame of mind. Setting a budget, say for a year at a time, that you're unwilling to tweak could be a detriment to your finances, r...

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If, as of January 1, everything Americans earned went to paying our federal, state, and local taxes, it would take 109 days to settle the bill. It would take until..........today. Tax freedo...

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Today's the date that's been burning in the minds of tax professionals since about Thanksgiving of last year -- THE deadline. While we focus on small business taxes (and work all year long),...

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BREAKING NEWS: The IRS' technical systems went down early today, their busiest day of the year. All taxpayers have automatically received an extension of the deadline (to file and pay). Retu...

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