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As tax professionals who deal with tax resolution cases, we want to make you aware of the "underbelly" of the tax resolution business. There are many practitioners out there (we call them "s...

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Deadline Alert for Tax-exempt Organizations: Your Form 990's must be filed by May 15 (one week from today). If you need an extension, you must file for it by the 15th.

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Say your doctor prescribes exercise for treatment of your medical conditions, and you install a pool on your property in order to be able to regularly get that exercise. That, my friends, wo...

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Are you up for a corny Star Wars joke? You've probably seen it about 20 times already in your Facebook feed, so we'll spare you the repetition, but we DO want to take this moment to say that...

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You are good at what you do for a living -- and when it comes to taxes, we’re pretty darn good ourselves. We save taxpayers like YOU time, money and IRS aggravations for a living. The way ...

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We're well aware that the word "audit" strikes fear in the hearts of taxpayers everywhere. With the amount we get asked about how to avoid an audit, we thought it would be helpful to put tog...

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