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Funny Taxes Throughout History, Take a lighthearted look at tax history through the centuries...The beard tax and other funny facts that you probably haven't heard about. England, 1712 ...

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When it comes to tax scams that will hurt your bank statement, identity theft is one of the most common. But it isn't just a danger for individuals -- businesses are susceptible as well. The...

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The Spring flowers are blooming, the May air is fresh and clean, and tax deductions are probably *not* at the forefront of your mind. What if we suggested that the refreshing simplicity of S...

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Google is rolling out a technology that's part-shocking, part-fascinating. It's called Google Duplex, and it will allow Artificial Intelligence to make phone calls on your behalf, to do thin...

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"Remember, diamonds are only lumps of coal that stuck to their jobs." -B.C. Forbes Whether you're trying to stick to a budget, a business plan, a parenting strategy, or your new year's resol...

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Small business owners, it's vital that you give your workers the right designation, to avoid penalties. If you're unsure whether your workers are employees or contractors, here is some good ...

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