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As tax professionals who deal with tax resolution cases, we want to make you aware of the “underbelly” of the tax resolution business. There are many practitioners out there (we call them “sales sharks”) who relentlessly sell you on their process and put you through a templated system that doesn’t always suit YOUR interests. When....


Google is rolling out a technology that’s part-shocking, part-fascinating. It’s called Google Duplex, and it will allow Artificial Intelligence to make phone calls on your behalf, to do things like schedule appointments. This could mean big changes for the way we interact as a society. Take a watch of the demonstration here: 


The Spring flowers are blooming, the May air is fresh and clean, and tax deductions are probably *not* at the forefront of your mind. What if we suggested that the refreshing simplicity of Spring could actually transfer to your tax planning and preparation? We have appointments open in our week to sit down with you....


Funny Taxes Throughout History, Take a lighthearted look at tax history through the centuries…The beard tax and other funny facts that you probably haven’t heard about. England, 1712 Hanging printed wallpaper would earn you tax in 18th century in England. So builders opted to hang plain wallpaper and then paint patterns on it.


A note for our tax-exempt clients: Under the new tax law, the rules have changed about how you’ll pay for providing some “employee fringe benefits” – things like transportation reimbursement. If you have employees for whom you have provided these benefits in the past, give us a call to have a conversation about the wisest....